June 4, 2009

Random Post


AustraliaDay2005 006

As you may know I am obsessed with BIG THINGS, so when the opportunity arose to see the worlds largest lamington I just had to be there. And getting to chance to have a taste of it was an added bonus!

This event was from a couple of years ago, which is old news by now, but still good stuff I say. The Lamington was constructed and then deconstructed in order to celebrate Australia Day. Bakers delight came to the party with the monstrous delight, hosted at Federation square. The public could taste the Lamington by giving a gold coin donation. All money raised went to charity, in order to raise money for tsunami disaster back in 2005.

AustraliaDay2005 005

The Lamington was pretty big. When it was still in one piece it was much taller than the people breaking it apart, and apparently weighed more than 1 tonne, that's alot of bloody lamington. I didn't get a picture of the full creation. Some may say that it was not a traditional lamington as it was "glued" together with jam. 

When I had my piece it was pretty nice. I was expecting a big dry old piece of cake with a bit of chocolate and maybe no coconut. I was pretty surprised to get a decent lamington with just the right amount of toppings and fillings. Good job I say.

AustraliaDay2005 008

We left and then came back a couple of hours later and there was still a massive slab of lamington left. I'm not entirely sure if they still hold the record, but I think it would take a huge effort to beat Bakers delight.


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Wow, that's a mega-lamington! It's great to hear it tasted good too. I like jam in lamingtons, so I'm not too fussed about breaking tradition

Stephcookie said...

Ahhh it's HUGE! It's impressive that it tasted good too, I would have expected the same as you, to get all sponge and no chocolate/coconut. I'm also impressed that they got it so structurally stable!

Anita said...

What a huge lamington! Great to see you got the right amount of topping with your piece, and not just a bit of cake - the icing is the best part!