June 20, 2009

Results - White Chocolate Mousse

You saw the recipe.....and now for the results!

white chocolate mousse with pomegranate syrup2

This was one of the easiest top 100 recipes I've made so far. I could have almost done it blind folded. Well I could have said that if only I wasn't stressed out and managed to stuff it up. Yep, I kinda stuffed it, but it still tasted fantastic.

I know I've said in the past that I want to stick closely to each recipe I make in order to test the recipe out fully. But I thought white chocolate mousse on its own was a little boring, so I spruced it up with some pomegranate! Ahhhhh...nothing like a little sprucing.

white chocolate mousse with pomegranate syrup

In my mind I had this fantastic idea that I would make a pomegranate syrup and then perfectly layer the syrup with the mousse. My presentation didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but I did learn a good lesson......with mousse it is almost impossible to get a perfectly even surface.....and I needed this recipe to teach me that! The two flavours go together fantastically, sweet and tangy. The next time I attempt this I will drizzle the syrup around the edges of the glass and then transfer the mousse into the glass. Seems like a more reasonable way to do things.

empty white chocolate mousse cup

I played around with the presentation a bit, and though a nice big dollop of mousse and then some scatter seeds would look lovely...and it does.

white chocolate mousse with pomegranate

So what did I do differently. I cooked the pomegranate with some sugar and water for 45 minutes to form a thick syrup. I then refrigerated this overnight, to make sure that the syrup was nice and cold. That's the only variation to the recipe, and if you are a fan of white chocolate, you'll love this recipe.


My only piece of advice is when its time to add the chocolate to the sabayon make sure that the chocolate is pretty cool and work very quickly to incorporate the chocolate. I wasn't so fast. It didn't turn out lumpy, it was actually quite smooth, but once you put it in your mouth you could feel the miniature lumps of chocolate, no unpleasant.....but it would have been nice to get it perfect.


I'll will make this again, in fact I think I will make it at my next dinner party.


Stephcookie said...

Looks gorgeous! I like the improvements you made to the presentation, the pomegranate seeds really pop against the background of white mousse :)

Agnes said...

I think the presentation looks gorgeous. :) The pomegranate seeds are really pretty.

Cindy said...

It looks delcious, even if it didn't turn out quite as you'd hoped!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

It looks great with the scattered seeds on top! Very presentable for a dinner party.

Rilsta said...

I love your presentation - the red goes really well with the white mousse. Great idea for a dinner party dessert.

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Stephcookie - I thought that the white mousse was pretty boring on its own, and red is such a gorgeous colour.

Hi Agnes - They are arent they, they look like little rubies

Hi cindy - I love mistakes, that way you try again and make it great!

Hi Arwen - I thought the seeds look cute too. And they were a nice crunchy contrast to the soft mousse

Hi Rilsta - They can be made well in advance, which is ideal for dinner parties

Maree said...

MMMmmmmm- yum! Loving the pomegranates- they are so photogenic as well.

Anita said...

Very pretty - I love the contrast between the mousse and pomegranate seeds :)