June 29, 2009

The Cupcake Challenge: A Cupcake Update

And now for an important cupcake update. As some of you may have noticed, the cupcake challenge has been hotly contested between myself and cupcake girl at Daz's work. Up until now there has been no proof that cupcakes from the opponent were even baked. For all I knew it could have been Daz's very brilliant plan to get me to bake oodles of cupcakes. Well the joke would have been on him, I would have baked them regardless of fame and glory! Anyway, enough of my waffling.......here are the rival cupcakes.

Mint Chocolate Mousse cupcakes! (excuse the blurry photo, thankyou apple iphone!)


I didn't get a chance to sample them myself, but the word on the street was that they tasted exactly like a Mint Pattie. I pressed Daz a little further and got a description of the structure. Chocolate chip base (cupcake), chocolate mint mousse all topped with a piece of chocolate in the shape of a love heart. I must say these sound Divine. I wish I had gotten a bite myself, but I suppose a photo will do.

Onto other cupcake news. I am proud to announce the joyful arrival of my new cupcake courier, it was delivered at some point during Thursday and weighed in at under 5kg. She can hold 36 cupcakes and we've decided to name the new arrival Beryl. She's gorgeous and only cost me $39.95! You can buy you're very own Beryl from here. Here are some happy snaps of the new addition to the family. I was going to take some photo's of her having her first bath, but that just would have been weird...right?

cupcake courier 2

cupcake courier

I thought it would be sad to take photo's of a cupcake courier without any cupcakes in it, so I went to the bakery that is not named after a primary colour but shares it name with a venomous Australian snake and purchased a cupcake. It tasted horrible, but it was pretty, I never said I wasn't persuaded by looks.

cupcake courier 3

To accompany my new cupcake courier, I finally got myself an offset spatula. From the awesome, but squeezy little shop in Melbourne - cake deco. I think I found my new money pit. I have grand plans for my new spatula, I've been thinking of all the different things I can finally make smooth and flat. Stay tuned for the forthcoming perfectly leveled posts!

offset spatula

Hope you've all enjoyed the update, that's whats been happening in cupcake town today!


lex said...
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lex said...

wow I know a million girls (and a select few men) who would love to get a toy like that: they should pay you commission for the sales after this post haha

as for the spatula; try Tupperware they've got lifetime warranty and I have yet to abuse it :D and get a plastic scraper too always comes in handy!

Rilsta said...

No offence to the rival but I think your cupcakes look heaps better! :)

Hooray for the cupcake courier arriving and you got a white one too! I'm sure Beryl will be making her money's worth! Hehe!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

I love the way you've named your cupcake carrier. It sounds just like a baby when you give us the weight and tell us about her first bath!

Looking forward to some smooth posts!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Congrats on your new purchase Maria! I love mine (in pink hehe). Nice spatula too! :)

Anita said...

Those mint cupcakes sound quite nice (although I like your ones more :) ) Yay for the cupcake courier, I was given a white one as a gift at the end of last year.

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

I love mint patties and would love a cupcake that tasted like it. Also like your cupcake carrier - Beryl is nice!

Maria said...

OMG I've always been eyeing those cupcake carriers - congratulations on the arrival of Beryl :) I think you've tempted me into getting one...I'm gonna need help with a name though!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Lex - I think the guys from the cupcake courier are doing pretty good business on their own. Although, I wouldn't mind a freebie being thrown in for my efforts. lol

Hi Rilsta - I wish I got to taste them, I've been fooled before, never judge a book...or cupcake, by its cover!

Hi Arwen - Daz and I sat there for a few good minutes before settling on Beryl. At one point we were thinking of Shazza! Beryl is much cuter.

Hi Lorraine - I wanted a pink one, but then I thought Daz might feel a little strange walking into work carrying a pink case filled with cupcakes.

Hi Anita - Oh....cupcake courier gift! that is the only way to get cupcake couriers!

Hi Belle - Yeah I was pretty impressed with her flavorings too. Might have a crack at doing this one myself.

Hi Maria - Oh you gotta get one, they're on special at the moment. And as for a name, how about Carrie? Carrie the cupcake courier lol