July 2, 2009

Rich Chocolate Cake

Lately I've been having this incredible craving for anything chocolate, and before you all think that I'm up the duff....I'm not, its only a food belly! I was munching on my third block of dark chocolate when I suddenly remembered the chocolate cake recipe I had seen in an old issue of Gourmet Traveller. A work mate was having a birthday so I thought it was a perfect way to kill two stones with one bird (and yes that is the right way to say that saying).

Rich chocolate cake 2

A recipe with an added extra bonus, I get to try my awesome new offset spatula! Oh I know EXACTLY how to make myself happy. My first effort didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped. My perfectly leveled and smooth finish wasn't exactly that. It was a little wonky and my cake didn't quite turn out perfectly circular. But this cake is so good I will definitely make it again, and perfect the art of making things smooth.

Rich chocolate cake 3

It was so fudgy and rich, it delivered on everything it promised, and it quelled my chocolate cravings for a while. Its affect has well and truly worn off now, so I''m back to eating chocolate straight from the packet.

I managed to sneak a piece home for Daz to try out. I had hoped I could get it home and take a proper picture of it before he sunk his teeth into it. But Daz had other thoughts, so I made him take a snap of it on his lap on the car ride home with my mobile phone, before he devoured it. It took about 10 seconds flat to make the last of it disappear.

Rich chocolate cake

I recommend trying it. The recipe is stupid easy and a real crowd pleaser. Just make sure you have someone to share the cake with, I don't recommend being alone with this cake. It has a canny ability to be eaten quickly!!


Agnes said...

Ahh, it looks stunning! You are so good, sneaking a piece back for Daz.

julie said...

oh that cake looks so divine!

Anita said...

Hahahaha.... it must have been good! I love the white chocolate on top.

Stephcookie said...

It looks gorgeous! I want your spatula now! With that fudgy cake and layer of super thick frosting no wonder it disappeared so fast!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Making an imperfectly smooth cake is not a bad thing - in fact it's the perfect excuse to make another one. Fudgey and rich chocolate cake sounds like something you'll want more of!

Rilsta said...

I always have a chocolate craving and that cakes looks sooo good! The extra thick frosting is making me scratch at the screen! :)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Agnes - I know, I'm the best girlfriend in the world! Now all I have to do is convince Daz.

Hi Julie - It looks divine, but let me tell you that it tasted even better

Hi Anita - The original recipe calls for melted dark chocolate over the top. By the end of making this cake I was a little over dark chocolate, so instead I opted for white chocolate

Hi Stephcookie - I love my spatula! I'm trying to use it in every occasion I can. Is using it to spread butter on my toast weird?

Hi Arwen - I think I'll make my next cake a little uneven too, I need all the practice I can get

Hi Rilsta - oh I wish someone would invent smell-o-vision. It would make reading food blogs so much more exciting

Chanel11 said...

I am definitely bookmarking this for future eating.