May 7, 2009

Random Post

On a recent trip to the Yarra Valley I came across this in a Yarra Glen antique shop....

butter churner

I found it extremely funny to see it in a shop after I had read Jess's post on making home made butter on That Jess Ho by using the old cream in a jar trick. And then read George's from Culinary Adventures of a Kitchen Godess butter making method using the more modern Kitchen aid. I found it amusing that I had only just read two different takes on making home made butter and then happened to come across this churner in a jar. It was kinda quaint and cute, but there was nothing cute about the price.....$62.50. I think I can buy a couple of slabs of butter from the supermarket with that kinda money.

While on the same trip, we stopped in at Domain Chandon, for some much needed injection of bubbles. After have a few glasses we decided to take a bit of a walk around the gardens, and low and behold we found a giant champagne cork!

massive cork

Now, I don't think I have yet confessed my dorky addiction on this blog yet.....but.....I am completely obsessed by two things, food and.....BIG THINGS! And I don't mean things that are of a particular large size, like elephants, I mean Big Australian Tourist Attractions. I do two things when travelling Australia, seek out good food and produce, and find any big things I can get my hands on. So when I saw this huge cork, despite the fact that it is NOT an official big thing, I was still extremely excited.

After the fun and frivolities of the Big Cork, the bubbles started to go to my head so I decided to take a seat. And what a view I had!

yarra valley


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Do you know they moved the big merino to make it closer to the highway? Kinda sad I think that no-one would go out of their way to see it.

The butter churn looks very homemade.

George said...

What a lovely quaint kitchen item. Great find.

Rilsta said...

I went to Domain Chandon recently for a friend's hen day and we paid $20 or something like that for the champagne tasting set. Did you give that a go?

Chicagolandia said...

That view is stunning, I could sit there all day...and drink champagne!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Arwen - Yeah I know they moved it, the first time I ever went past it it was really sad and run down, now they've spruced it up and put a MacDonalds next to it. And trust me I would DEFINITELY go out of my way for a big thing. In queensland we spend an hour and a half just looking for one!

Hi George - I thought it was pretty cute too

Hi Rilsta - No, we just sipped drinks at the cellar door section. But we did have an awesome salmon and crepe dish for brunch, it was great....sadly no pictures.

Hi Chicagolandia - It was a breathtaking view, but at the same time so sad to see all the bushfire devastation.