December 28, 2008

Results - Fried Cauliflower, Chickpea and Silverbeet Salad

What do you get when you cross a restaurant quality recipe with a healthy option? you get this salad.....

Fried Cauliflower, chickpea and Silverbeet Salad

I really thought this salad was going to be a hit. At Christmas, with so many unhealthy options I thought alot of people would go for it. But I was so wrong. I think I was the only person who enjoyed it. It tasted relatively nice, but maybe it just couldn't compete with the slow cooked roast pork with vegie gravy and spiced chocolate mousse. Not to say the least, I had alot of left overs the next day.
I was really surprised at how easy this recipe was to pull together. From the other recipes I have tried so far, it was by far the least complicated. All the others have either gone wrong in some way shape or form, or they have involved a whole heap of prep work. I was really pleased to be making this at Christmas when everything else needs so much attention.

Massive bowl full of silverbeet

I'm always amazed at how what seems to be a very large amount of leafy greens can shrink to almost nothing. I wilted the silverbeet for just under 5 minutes and this huge bowl reduced to nearly a hand full of goodness.

Deep fried cauliflower

I just had to get a photo of the cauliflower before it entered its salad form. I'm a huge fan of most things deep fried, might explain the inability to find dresses that fit. But fried cauliflower is something from a different world. The smell and taste that it creates is gorgeous. It just transforms from bland and boring (yes....steamed cauliflower is boring!) to crisp and flavoursome. I think I might attempt making a fried cauliflower and leek soup, or a fried cauliflower souffle, the combinations are endless. In my opinion, the cauliflower in this salad made it what it was. Without it, I think it would have been a pretty boring salad.
The next day, I took my huge bowl of left over salad and made myself a repeat of Christmas lunch. It tasted much nicer re-heated, although a little more wilted and crunch-less. I drizzled a little olive oil and some fresh lemon juice and bingo bango, lunch is served.

Left over's are always good!



Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Sounds healthy, but I'm not surprised it didn't compete with the chocolate mousse!

Miss said...
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Miss Honey said...

Ooo I would have had some of this had I been there:D

SarahKate said...

Wow. I totally love fried cauliflower, so I would have loved this dish! Oh well, more for you!