June 17, 2010

Cupcake Fun!

The traditional thing to stalk - is a famous person or an ex partner, but I'm not traditional at all.....I love to stalk cupcakes and cupcake paraphernalia. To be honest, I don't know who is seeking out whom anymore. I think cupcake "stuff" finds me. I constantly find myself squealing......"oh! cupcake" which is usually followed by Daz quickly disappearing. I once had a conscious and didn't want people noticing me taking happy snaps of the item on my mobile phone, nowadays I just take pictures sometimes with sales assistants standing right next to the item. So in this installment, I bring you the biggest, most cupcake packed Cupcake Fun! there has been to date. Strap your seat belts on and grab yourself a cupcake for sustenance...you'll need it!

First we have a selection of cupcake aprons. Cupcake aprons have become very popular of late. A decade ago the fake boobs on aprons was extremely popular, now its the humble cupcake.

cupcake apron

cupcake apron at house
This is the matching apron to my cupcake mitten sent to me by Arwen from Hoglet K

cupcake apron with mitten
This one has cute little frills at the bottom, so you can feel girly in your cupcake apron and mittens

Next we have cupcake clothing. I'm a true believe in starting things at a young age, and why not start your child's addiction to the sweet frosted ones straight after birth. I think that if I had a child and bought this outfit, every time I changed their nappy it would be followed by some cupcake gorging. I wouldn't be a hot mamma, I'd be a cupcake saddle bags mamma!

cupcake baby clothes

Imagine - You're trying to have a romantic night, the mood is right, the wine is flowing. You decided you want to get the lighting just right, so you light your cupcake candles. That's perfect, now the dozen cookies and cream cupcakes and I can have a real intimate time together.

cupcake candles

A friend of mine recently sent me this trolley coin. Its absolutely awesome! Instead of using a $2 coin for your trolley you can use this cute little coin. I'm often searching around in my handbag for a coin, now I can simply unhook the cupcake from my keys and insert away....that sounded weird.

cupcake trolley coin

trolley coin

Agnes from Off the Spork sent me a happy snap of cupcake lip balm! Then I was surprised with my very own little tub of the stuff. As soon as I got over the wonderment of cupcake lip balm I focused my attention on the red velvet flavouring. Would the cupcake taste like the batter, or the cream cheese frosting? I couldn't stand the curiosity any longer, so the second I got it home I ripped it opened and discovered that the lip balm tasted like the batter. In a way I was actually please, I'm not exactly sure how they would have created an artificial cream cheese flavoring.

cupcake lipbalm

cupcake lip balm

Still on the topic of lip balm, next we have Shut your cake hole lip balm in strawberry flavour. Hmmmm.....shut it with cupcakes.

shut your cakehole

Ever wondered where a good place to store or hide your cupcake is? we'll I have the solution, inside a ceramic dish, shaped like a cupcake! I guarantee that no one will suspect they'll be hiding in there!

porcelain cupcakes 2

porcelain cupcakesl

porcelain cupcakes 3

Cupcakes have become so in vogue that cookies are even trying to be them! I recently found these cupcake cookie cutters in matchbox. What next, bread in the shape of a cupcake?

cupcake cookie cutters

You can wash all those cupcake cookies down by enjoying a cup of tea in your cupcake mug. Do they make cupcake flavoured tea?

cupcake cup

Once you've made all those cupcake cookies, you can store them in your cupcake clad cookie tin. I'm so glad I refrain from buying any of this stuff.....you've hear of cat ladies, well I'd be the cupcake lady!

cupcake tin

Its winter time, and its so easy to catch a case of the sniffles. Well don't worry, you can wipe away your worries with cupcake tissues!! I have a confession, I actually bought these! I was curious to see if they smelt like cupcakes. They were $3.50 for 10 tissues, ripe off! And the answer is no, they don't smell like cupcakes. I want to cry now, where are those tissues!

cupcake tissues

Behold, the knitted cupcake! They are so darn cute! We recently went to the Grampians for some rest and relaxation. We decided to walk into the visitor center to waste some time and have a look at some of the local offerings. As soon as I walked through the door I was confronted with these fluffy goodies. It seems that even on holiday cupcakes seem to find me! There was a little old lady sitting behind the desk knitting away. I'm assuming that she would be the creator of these works of art. I was going to tell her that she had done a really good job, but thought it would be weird if I said that without buying one. It took a lot of will power to walk out without buying any.

knitted cupcakes

Next we have cupcakes in the movies! Arguably, sex and the city started the cupcake craze back when Carrie was munching on a Magnolia Bakery cupcake. In the new movie, cupcakes make another appearance. I've not seen the movie yet, but found the trailer for the film to be intriguing. Here are a couple of screen grabs from Charlotte in the kitchen with her children.



There's even cupcake stuff stuck on the pin up board!

You can watch the full trailer here

Katy Perry is one crazy girl. Her recent video for California Gurls was a gold mine for cupcake related hilarity. Here are a couple of screen shots...

First we have Snoop Dogg wearing the best suit ever invented, the cupcake suit. I wonder where I can buy one for Daz.


Then we have Katy herself wearing the most supportive cupcake I've ever seen.




You can watch the full music video here. I strongly recommend you watch it, if only to see the gummie bear/ whip cream incident!

Well that's all for this installment of Cupcake Fun! Remember if you happen to be followed by any cupcake related stuff please take a photo and send it to me in an email. thegourmetchallenge {AT} gmail {DOT} com

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Agnes said...

I still can't believe you didn't buy one of those knitted cupcakes... It was knitted! C'mon!

I hadn't seen that Katy Perry video clip before - omygawd, I can't believe they got the D O double G in a cupcake suit! How gangsta. RESPECT.

Neev said...

love that scene with cupcakes in SITC...the kitchen looks great too.
Cant wait to watch the movie.

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

OOh so much cupcake awesomeness! I love the trolley coin - such a cool idea, and I loved Charlotte's apron :D

Forager said...

Cupcake overload! I saw that Katy Perry clip - how big does a cupcake need to be before it's a cake cos they sure don't look cupcake sized to me.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

ah yes I once had a conscious too, but that has slowly faded away!

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

oooh more cupcake madness! Katy Perry...LOL

Sheryl said...

Holy friggin moley!! RED VELVET cupcake lip balm, oh my g that just rocks. It rocks harder than the Dr.Pepper lip smacker I got from USA Foods. And those cupcake tissues..I am so jealous. I'm not much of a collector but when it comes to cupcakes I tend to want everything but it's starting to get ridiculous now as cupcakes are appearing everywhere and I have no space for any more cupcake paraphernalia. And I love the Katy Perry film clip, I remember lusting over her cupcake clutch which is about $5k. Thanks for sharing the cupcake lurve Maria!

Chef Dennis said...

oh my.......I have to say I feel so old, I don't know who Katy Perry is....but I am now an instant convert!!
And I must say I love her cupcakes!
thanks for sharing

Cazzie!!! said...

Wow, I made 40 cup cakes today and my kids et half of them..and all 40 were made because they are for my daughter's class tomorrow.... because it is her birthday...so I made another 20... I am. needless to say, cup-caked -out, lol

Conor @ Hold the Beef said...

You have to get one of those suits for Daz. Seriously. Make it priority to get one before he's on the news again!

I came across some boob aprons yesterday. They are still being made. I did not buy one. Promise.

Anonymous said...

fabric in snoop dog's cupcake suit was designed by George McCartney for Timeless Treasures in New York City (gm-c5993). You can try a google search for the style or contact Timeless Treasures to find out where to buy in U.S.