November 15, 2009

Cupcake Fun!

Once again its time to revisit cupcake fun! Over the last month or so I've notice more cupcakes making it into our everyday world. When you're looking for it, its surprising how prevalent they actually are! So for a bit of fun and and little relaxing here are a selection of free roaming cupcakes, free of the shackles of conformity.

First we have cupcakes on clothing. Actually this is something that I see quite commonly. Seems like cupcakes are doomed either to be eaten or worn. My mum and I were out looking for clothes for my little niece Sasha and we happened to come across some cute cupcake motifs.

cupcakes cothes 2

cupcakre clothes

Last week I checked my mobile usage through virgin online and surprisingly cupcakes had infiltrated there too! What do cupcakes have to do with mobile phones anyway? There she is hiding in the bottom right hand corner, quietly scheming and plotting how cupcakes will rise and one day take over the world!

virgin cupcake

Cupcakes aren't for humans only! Here I was thinking that only us humans could truly enjoy and appreciate a good cupcake. The people at Perfect Pet have tapped into the dog cupcake market and now our pets can enjoy a tasty treat too! The great thing about this cupcake is that it squeaks when you bite into it. I wish regular cupcakes could do that!

dog cupcake

On a totally un-cupcake related topic I recently went to The Alchemist Bar on Brunswick street for a few drinks with some friends. I work as a scientist to pay for my food exploits and this bar was a little quirky for me. At work I use beakers to make up all sorts of things, but at Alchemist they use them to serve water...weird! So I had to take a photo.


And if you look closely you can see connect four in the back ground. It was a great night, we drank beer and played connect four! I felt like I was 15 again!


Chanel11 said...

I love the cupcake top with the button cherry - cute!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Nooo you don't want real cupcakes to squeak when you bite them.. then everyone would know if you were sneaking in a secret cupcake!

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

I love how companies are now using cupcakes to lure you into their sites and stores. The dog chew toy looks pretty real, though!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Drinking out of a beaker would definitely by spooky for me, maybe the more you use them for yucky purposes the stranger it is to drink out of them. Great cupcake photos - they must be taking over the world if they've infiltrated your phone service.

Julia @Mélanger said...

Unbelieveable! Now you point it out, I have seen cupcakes everywhere!

Vee - A Melbourne Munchkin. said...

I love Connect Four - I always fancied myself a bit of a champion with that game - and Battleship too! Am SO buying the cupcake squeaky toy for my puppy hahaha. And I just noticed that everytime I read your blog I want a cupcake! Even when you're not actually posting about edible ones! =op

Anita said...

After what I put in beakers at work, it would be a bit difficult drinking from one (also a Scientist). What do cupcakes have to do with mobile phones? weird... but funny

Anonymous said...

I went through a cupcake phrase when my daughter was baby! Water served in beakers, cool!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Chanel - I know uber cute huh?

Hi Conor - Good point, it would spell the end of the sneaky cupcake

Hi Belle - I think I've been onto their tactics for a while, sadly it works on me.

Hi Arwen - Imagine what cupakes would b sayig to each other on the phone "Did you see the frosting on stacey tonight?!? What a tart!!"

Hi Julia - Thats my job, singling outth cucakes for everyone to see! hehehe

Hi Vee - I think thats my aim, make everyone eat more cupcakes!!

Hi Anita - YAY! another scientist!

Hi Ellie - The good thing about getting water in a beaker is that you get alot of it!