November 1, 2009

Cupcakes on Location: Sophisticakes of Melbourne

vanilla strawberry 1

If you've ever read any of my posts, you'll know that I LOVE cupcakes. I'm sure that if after my death I need an autopsy performed on me, the coroner will find a fully intact cupcake in my stomach, frosting and all! For the longest time I've wanted to eat the cupcakes at the Sunday Arts Center Market. But every time we're gone past them, Daz has ushered my away very quickly. He loves me enough that he knows that I cant control myself, and if I see cupcakes I NEED to eat them. For my health and well being its safer ton keep me away from them. But now that I have a blog, I MUST eat them, I'm not only consuming cupcakes for my own satisfaction, but its now become a vital community input, thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

vanilla strawberry

So we headed down to the Arts Center Sunday Market and discovered that the gorgeous cupcakes are made by Sophisticakes of Melbourne. The display was beautiful, dozens upon dozens of cupcakes all tucked away in their little cake stands, all yelling "pick me! pick me!". I noticed a little sign on the table stating no photography, a food bloggers worse nightmare. So Daz and I made our selection and went somewhere a little more peaceful for the photo shoot.

vanilla strawberry on location

Since we were so close to the river, we headed down to devour our cupcakes. I chose a vanilla sponge with strawberry frosting. It was light and fluffy and surprisingly not too sweet. I noticed the massive mound of frosting and my teeth started to hurt instantaneously, I was very surprised when I bite into it and discovered my fears were unwarranted. The frosting was exactly as it had promised.....strawberry flavored. It was really good, but I couldnt help compared it to Little Cupcakes. The actual cake was much better than Little Cupcakes, but the frosting fell a little short.

cookies and cream 1

Daz chose cookies and cream. He is very unimaginative when it comes to choosing cupcake flavours. Its a little frustrating. Cookies and cream cupcakes all taste the same, like cookies and cream! I guess he always chooses that flavour because he knows what hes going to get. I'm always the one who loses out though. Partners of food bloggers are always long suffering, we share almost everything we eat, so he gets half of my strawberry delight and I get half of his cookies and cream....groan! Nothing against Sophisticakes, but I'm a little over cookies and cream.

cookies and cream

From half the cupcake I had I was pretty happy though. The cake was quiet moist, and as a topping we got a FULL Oreo. Some places only put half an Oreo, or even a mini, and then there are the places that have substitutes! Shock horror!!

cookies and cream on location

It was a beautiful day so we deiced to go for a stroll. We walked past the National Gallery of Victoria and contemplated going in. While walking past we noticed glimpses of colour emanating from the moat surrounding the building. Curiously Daz and I stared into the water. After quite a bit of squinting we noticed the bottom was scattered with colourful plastic knives. Not quite Excalibur, but interesting non the less. Was it a large scale art piece? or hundreds of litters getting rid of their cutlery after dinner? I thought about it for a minute, took a quick photo and continued on our walk. But even today, I still wonder what happened to all the forks?

cutlery in the NGV water feature


Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Oooh an elusive school of plastic-cutlery fish! At a young age, they all look like knives, but after a certain period some of them morph into forks and some into spoons, depending largely on water temperature. Such a large group of full-size knives is clearly evidence of global warming.

amanda said...

I love your excuse on how you MUST eat cupcakes for the sake of the blog.. :) I'm doing it too! hehe..

Rilsta said...

Beautiful looking strawberry cupcake! I love the decorations! I always wonder what is the proper way to eat a cupcake with frosting so high!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi conor - LMAO I LOVE your comment! That pesky global warming, and now with the GFC ontop the world is really coming to an end!

Hi Amamda - Hehehe, its not an excuse, its a vaild reason, I put my audience before me and my needs. See how selfless I am!?!

Hi Rilsta - The proper way to eat a cupcakes with frosting so high.....launch into it with your mouth as wide as possible! lol But for cupcake eating etiquette, there is a resource here ( The internet has EVERYTHING!

Chanel said...

Go the full Oreo!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

That's gorgeous decoration on the strawberry cupcake! The knives are weird, but maybe Conor has the answer :)

Agnes said...

Conor - haha! Great comment!

Maria, your cupcake eating is a community service. Don't ever think about doing a cupcake detox!

penny aka jeroxie said...

I will like to have a box of that Oreo cupcake pleaseee!

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

You manage to suss out so many cupcake places - and get to eat them. Jealous! The ones you got from Sophisticakes look wonderful.

Anita said...

That vanilla and strawberry cupcake is so pretty! I love the frosting and decorations....

3 hungry tummies said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog and added me to your blog list, i have done the same! girl ! you do love your food :)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Chanel - There should be more full oreos

Hi Arwen - conor is the almighty wisdom holder on this one. I'm going to go back on the weekend to see if they've changed into forks!

Hi Penny - They were good!

Hi Belle - Oh man, but there are so many more out there!

Hi Anita - I know, it is gorgeous. I need to improve my decorating skills!

Hi Hungry tummies - No worries, I do love food, sometimes a little too much!

Anonymous said...

ooooh strangely they called themselves cupcakes to go last time i bought them.

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

Ahh boys are so unimaginative with food choices - I'm so with you there!! Both cupcakes do look very pretty though, and hey I think your research is definitely contributing to the community in a positive way, so keep at it!!

Julia @Mélanger said...

I love the cookie and cream cupcake. Your shots with the city in the background!

apparentlyjessy said...

Hey there!
I LOVE cupcakes too, and yeah I am pretty sure they will find a whole cupcake inside of me when I die too! lol
I love the shots you took of these cupcakes, and I love Melbourne.
Thank you heaps for linking to my blog, I really appreciate it!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi saptulaspoonandsaturday - They may have changed, I'm not sure, but they were definitely sophisticakes of Melbourne this time

Hi Betty - I know, I'm thinking of doing all of Daz's thinking for him. But I'm getting tired just at the thought of it, so my laziness wins again!

Hi Julia - Thanks! there are two things that I love so much in my life, cupcakes and Melbourne, Daz comes in a close third!

Hi Jessy - lol, I think we might shock a few coroners!

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