August 16, 2009

Results - Savoy Cabbage, Pine Nut, Raisin and Pecorino Insalata

Buzo's coleslaw 3

I was once a avid hater of raw cabbage, now I'm a convert. And it was all because of this recipe! There are a couple of things that I've learnt during the time that I've had this blog, making macarons is not fun and cabbage can actually taste good when uncooked. I think that is a massive bonus to this recipe too, there is absolutely no cooking required, that is if you don't count toasting bread crumbs in the oven as cooking.

Buzo's coleslaw

To be honest you dont need any skill to make this recipe either. Its just a whole heap of chopping, slicing and arranging. Most of the effort is required when eating it, another bonus in my book! There's very little clean up too! I only made a half batch of the recipe and it made quite a bit, I had left overs for lunch the next day. The bread crumbs were a little soggy on day two, but the salad cream was delicious soaked into the beard crumbs!

chopped cabbage

Chop your cabbage


Toast your crumbs

dumped into the bowl

Put it all in a bowl....

cabbage coleslaw

Then toss! "Now, you shake it to the left. You shake it to the right. Do the Hippy Shake Shake.. With all of your might!"
On the night that I made it, I didn't really feel like eating meat, which happens from time to time. Daz was pretty annoyed at that, being a red blooded male if there isn't something that either moo-ed, baah-ed or oink-ed on his plate for dinner....he still feels hungry, regardless of how big the meal might be. So I braved the elements (Daz at cranky level 9 is like sitting through a storm!), and dished up the cabbage with a soft centred fried egg on top. He loved it. The only way I can get away with not serving meat is by substituting egg, and with the runny center going all over the cabbage it was like having extra sauce. It was pretty good. I can imaging this salad being pretty tasty at an afternoon bbq, a couple of beers to wash down the cabbage would be extra nice.

Buzo's coleslaw 2


Stephcookie said...

Ooh looks like a wonderful combination of textures and flavours! Haha I know exactly what you mean with the meat thing, my bf will sulk like a little child if there's no meat in his dinner!

Anh said...

An unusual combo for me, but I can imagine that it tastes great!

Conor said...

Congratulations on your cabbage conversion! I had to convert the other way - took me quite some time before I could handle cooked cabbage, probably due to being fed stinky, sloppy boiled cabbage when I was little.

Looks like a nice mix of textures in this salad.

Anita said...

looks easy and very pretty. I would love to try out this salad.

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Haha, I have the opposite boyfriend - cooking meat is not allowed. We both love a good runny-yolked egg though, and it's a clever way to turn a salad into a meal.

Chanel11 said...

My hubby is exactly the same way concerning meat, so I too learned that an egg added to a veg meal is the best hope have of him not complaining about hunger (refried bean quesadillas work well too).

I tried a raw savoy cabbage with pecorino dish about a year ago and also really enjoyed it, it's just a great combination.

After making two macaron recipes I probably won't try another, taste wasn't worth the effort.

Agnes said...

I'm a bit strange, as I like cabbage both raw and cooked! Welcome to the cabbage club (if there isn't one, there should be!). Did you make half a batch of the salad cream too and did you use it all?

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

Hi Stephcookie - What babies men can be! First they want milk as a child and meat as adults!

Hi Anh - I thought it was kinda funky too, but tastes FANTASTIC!

Hi Conor - ewww @ sloppy boiled cabbage! Thats worse than raw cabbage!

Hi Anita - So simple! You dont even need to plan ahead much, luckily I had almost everything in my pantry.

Hi Arwen - hmmm....i love a runny egg yolk. I go all gooey inside when I see a gooey egg.

Hi Chanel11 - Wow, and your a vegatarian. It must be hard have a huge meatasaur in your house!

Hi Agnes - Yay, I'm in the cabbage club, I suggest the official greeting sign to be two toots lol. I did make half a batch of salad cream too. It made so much. I didnt even use it all. A couple of mornings later I used it as a substitute hollandaise sauce on eggs benedict....hehehehe Daz didn't notice the difference!