October 27, 2008

Results - Potato and Cabbage Gratin

On the weekend I made Rockpool's potato and cabbage gratin. I must admit it was awesome.

Potato and Cabbage Gratin
Even though my version was great, it was no where near as good as Neil Perry's creation. I've eaten the gratin at rockpool on a couple of occasions, and each time I remember it to be very oily and very rich. Taking this into consideration, I thought I would do the right thing and substitute full fat cream with low fat cream, just so I wouldnt feel really guilty if I ate the entire gratin in one sitting. The end result? Yes, it wasn't as oily but I think this was a negative. The oily-ness adds that little extra flavour that makes the dish what it is.

Adding cream to the potato layer of the gratin

The trick to getting the potatoes really tender and moist is to make sure that the cream goes right in between each of the layers, so its alot of pouring and poking around.

Another improvement, in my opinion, would be to use less cabbage and more potato. I would prefer a much more thicker layer of potato ontop of the cabbage. Only because I love baked potato, in any combination. I decided to accompany the gratin with a really nicely cooked porterhouse steak. The crispy sourdough breadcrumbs ontop of the gratin were perfect for soaking up any juices from the steak. I would definitely recommend using the gratin as a side dish to any steak.


Alloronan said...

Looks pretty delicious. I have to admit, from the photos I thought it was a sweet dish at first, maybe some kind of apple pie! Might have to try the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Well made, looks yum.

Maria said...

Yeah, it looks alot like a crumble right?

Anonymous said...

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